The greatest reason to donate is that you will help a child who is mentally or physically challenged to lead near normal life.

Your donation will not only provide special education and treatment, but also help encourage a child to face the world without much support from others.

Donation from a supporter like you  often means the difference between a crippled life  and a near normal life. Nearly 10% of the children in the areas we work with are in such a deplorable ,poor economic conditions that they cannot have access to one square meal a day. Under such circumstances, receiving special medical care is an extremely difficult endeavour for them. Nevertheless, we are committed to serve through various proven means and we, unfortunately ,do not have enough resources to achieve our commitments. Thus, your support is crucial for us to help those children. Donate for them and together we  can make a difference in their lives.

 All our programmes are result oriented unique and they address the principal reasons of preventing mental and physical disabilities in the  children in the three districts we work in.

We need your help to reach out to 5000 children by 2015. We will send you periodical newsletters so that you are aware of what changes your donation has brought to the society. 

Are you an individual donor?

As an individual donor, you have the power to stand up and make a difference. With over 50 and many  more supporters who believe in the cause, Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation is a large family of people working together to change the future of the  mentally and physically challenged  children, deserted women and elderly from very poor families in the  rural lands of Eastern Tami nadu .
Join us now and be a part of that change.
Given below are several ways available for you to donate:

Online Donations

YOU can make a difference. All you need to do is click and donate. Just Rs. 1200 is all that you need to  provide  a proper medical care for a mentally challenged child in our Special Home . You can donate online in the following ways:

Wire transfer