Covid 19 Relief Fund - Mobile Nutrition Bank for Malnourished Rural Children :

COVID-19 lockdown has completely destroyed the livelihood opportunities of rural people in our districts. Especially, Below Poverty Line (BPL) families are struggling to make both ends meets on a daily basis in our district which is prone to monsoon failure and natural disasters (Gaja Cyclone 2018). As most of the BPL families depend on seasonal farming and construction based works for their livelihood, the number of days they work is erratic and not assured. Hence, they are not able to make sufficient earnings to get by. They, during the off-season, borrow money from neighbors and loan lenders and pay interest for the same. Additionally, heads of those families spend more than half of their daily income on Alcohol. This woeful situation creates various issues in the family one of which is less food and less nutrition for the children of the family. Children are the most affected as their growth and development depend on the quantity and quality (nutritional status) of the food they consume.

Unavailability of good nutrition-rich food is the reason for malnutrition which leads to stunted growth and intellect. Children who are malnourished are unable to study well and many malnourished children end up as school dropouts.

We are committed to nutritionally empower 1000 malnourished children from the (BPL) below poverty line families affected by COVID-19 and hence, we run a MOBILE NUTRITION BANK FOR MALNOURISHED RURAL CHILDREN in our District. We provide them with supplementary nutrition: Date fruits, Groundnut Burfi, Seasonal Fruits, Iron, and mineral-rich vegetables like Carrot, Greens, Gooseberry (Nelli), Eggs and Multigrain Energy Powder.

We are sure that by consuming mineral, vitamins, protein-rich food, fruits, and vegetables, those poor children will come out of malnutrition. They will be able to study successfully and grow up to become productive citizens of our nation. We request you to support those Children by donating generously.

Budget: Per one children for one month @ 20$ X 500 children/per month = 10,000$ X 12 Months = 120,000$

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Bharathamatha with an aim to provide the needy with opportunities to attain diginified and improved socio-economic and cultural status, we have been serving the society fo the past 28 years in Thiruvarur, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam Districts of Tamilnadu.

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Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation (formerly known as Bharathamatha Women’s Awareness Center) was founded in the year 1989 by Mr. Edaiyoor R.V. Manimaran, a disciple of “Boomithana Vallal” R.V. Rahavan. R.V. Rahavan was a disciple of Shri. Vinoba Bhave.