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Aims of Bharathamatha

  • To identify, organize and co-ordinate the rural people in our region for community development
  • To educate, train and motivate them on social issues.
  • To work for the protection and promotion of Human Rights, Women Rights and Consumer Rights.
  • To work for the Welfare and Development of Women and Children
  • To promote child and Infantile Adoption and to run Orphanages and to work for the Welfare and Development of uncared Children
  • To work for the Prevention, Early Detection and Early Intervention of Children with Disabilities.
  • To work for the Welfare, Development and Rehabilitation of the Disabled.
  • To work for the eradication of Child Labour, Bonded Labour & Welfare and Development of Street Children.
  • To work for Health and Family Welfare & Development.
  • To offer Medical Aids and other Relief to the Victims of Natural Disasters (Calamities) such as Quakes, Fire, Flood and Cyclone.
  • To work for the socially Disadvantaged Group of people like widows, deserted people etc.
  • To organize, co-ordinate, train and motivate the youth in development activities.
  • To provide Employment Oriented Skill Training programmes to the youth and to assist and associate them to live independently.
  • To work for the Welfare and Development of Youth.
  • To form Women's Self Help Groups and promote small savings
  • To work for the Welfare of Elderly people.
  • To conduct Vocational and Para -Medical Courses for Self Employment Purpose.
  • To provide Road Safety Training's to the public (Especially to school children)
  • To promote and involve Panchayat Raj Activities and Voters Awareness activities.
  • To work as Catalytic Agent between Rural people and Government and other Private Institutions.
  • To form a Cultural Team and work for the Cultural Development.
  • To work for the promotion of Balanced Nutritional Food.
  • To work for Environment and Ecology related Development
  • To work for the Indigenous Plant Based Medical System.
  • To work against Drug Abuse and for the De-addiction.
  • To work for the prevention of AIDS
  • To provide ophthalmic Medical Service
  • To work for the Promotion of Blood Donation & Eye Donation
  • To provide First Aid Training
  • To work for the Eradication of Polio, Leprosy and Filarial.
  • To work for the Eradication of Blindness.
  • To provide Survival Infrastructure Facilities for the people
  • To construct Low-Cost Latrines, and Low-Cost Houses.
  • To repair rural roads and construct new Rural link Roads.
  • To renovate rural tanks.
  • To provide purified drinking water.
  • To work for the National Integration and Communal Harmony.
  • To work for the all round development of Nation.
  • To provide Consumer Awareness.
  • To involve in information, education and communication activities.
  • To link with other similar service units of Government and Non-Government Departments and Involve in Joint Action, Common Action Programmes.
  • To complement and subscribe to the ideas of world Bodies like UNO, WHO, UNICEF and RED CROSS etc.
  • To work for the Development of Handicrafts/Handlooms/Khadi village industry and imparting Training and setting-up Productions Centres.
  • To undertake Welfare/Development Programmes for enlistment of Rural Poor Women with Assistance of Governmental/ Non-Governmental and Foreign Donor Agencies.
  • To function in Co-operation and Collaboration with Governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies for creating awareness, setting up Counseling Centers and carry on related activities in the area of Drug Abuse.

Bharathamatha with an aim to provide the needy with opportunities to attain diginified and improved socio-economic and cultural status, we have been serving the society fo the past 28 years in Thiruvarur, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam Districts of Tamilnadu.

Our Location

No. 47, South Street,

Thiruthuraipundi 614 713.

Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu, India.

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About us

Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation (formerly known as Bharathamatha Women’s Awareness Center) was founded in the year 1989 by Mr. Edaiyoor R.V. Manimaran, a disciple of “Boomithana Vallal” R.V. Rahavan. R.V. Rahavan was a disciple of Shri. Vinoba Bhave.