Mobile Food Bank for Homeless People:

As we all know, Corono virus infection is spreading very rapidly all over the country. Coronovirus is proved to be deadly and is threatening the entire human race. Till date, over 3,50,000 people have been killed by this lethal virus across the world.

Evidently, Corono virus (Covid19) is spreading at a rapid pace in most of the states of India, including our state Tamil Nadu. There is a sense of fear and bewilderment among the general public. Central and State governments have started imposing various preventive measures to control the outbreak. Many metropolitan cities and big towns have been put under partial closure like closure of Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Schools, Colleges, and Business Complexes. Even SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) have also been affected by this clamp down. Small eat-outs, shops, textile units, furniture outlets all have been shut down now.

COVID-19 has terribly affected the Homeless people in our town. They do not have proper shelter and safe roof over their heads. They eat and sleep under the fly over, interconnecting bridges, railway lines and also on the platforms of the main and artillery roads of the cities. They do not have means to buy food and drinking water. Most of them go to bed without a meal nowadays. It is really an emergency situation. There are children, sick men and women, elderly and they are in a very precarious situation and they are all waiting for some helping souls to look after them. They will not be able to withstand hunger for a longer duration. India may witness, sooner or later a massive hunger crisis.

Therefore, it is very important for us to save lives of our fellow citizens by feeding them with at least one meal a day. Towards this objective, Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation has come up with a Hunger Relief Drive for those Homeless persons though our ambitious project MOBILE FOOD BANK FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE in Thanjavur, Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur Districts of Tamil Nadu. We will feed all the needy homeless persons with a pack of Tamarind Rice / Curd Rice / Lemon Rice and a Drinking water bottle at night.

Budget: Per one Beneficiary for one month @ 20$ X 500 Beneficiaries/per month=10000$ X12 Months=120,000$


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Bharathamatha with an aim to provide the needy with opportunities to attain diginified and improved socio-economic and cultural status, we have been serving the society fo the past 28 years in Thiruvarur, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam Districts of Tamilnadu.

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Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation (formerly known as Bharathamatha Women’s Awareness Center) was founded in the year 1989 by Mr. Edaiyoor R.V. Manimaran, a disciple of “Boomithana Vallal” R.V. Rahavan. R.V. Rahavan was a disciple of Shri. Vinoba Bhave.